Take Flight’s programs and activities all focus on a simple base: Working with others and building trust can lead to personal and group growth.

We have hosted teams of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds including:

Athletic Teams
Youth Groups
Summer Camps
Boy & Girl Scout Troops
Corporate Businesses

Groups can participate on our Aerial Adventure Course, Adventure Zip Tours or Team Building Programming. Or you can mix and match! Take Flight works with each group to ensure a custom experience to fit the group’s goals and objectives. Goals can include having fun and doing something together, all the way up to more intentional programming focused on teamwork, leadership and communication.

Build leadership and communication

Work together on our Aerial Adventure Course

See how your group or team can challenge themselves on our Aerial Adventure Course. Participants work together in groups of two or three to choose their path through more than 65 elements. This buddy system involves each person communicating with their buddy to agree on a path, work together to transfer from element to element and support each other as they travel around the Aerial Adventure Course. Each group uses experiential learning to explore communication, support, and trust while being active outdoors, having fun, and sharing an experience they are sure to talk about all year long!

Support one another on our Adventure Zip Tour!

If you are looking for high flying fun- don’t forget our Adventure Zip Tour! Adaptable for larger groups, travel on six zip wires and three climbing elements. Participants support one another as they test their limits 40 feet in the air.

Team Building Programs

Take Flight develops unique programs that instill lasting experiences through group learning that will promote essential skills for a successful team. We nurture and enhance essential communication, collaboration and leadership skills necessary for optimal group performance.

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We are proud of our Team Building Programs!

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